Our Approach


Our goal at Inspire Wellness is to bring you to an invigorating yet relaxing environment to allow education and healing to occur.

Your body has the innate ability to heal if given the opportunity.

Meet the Team

Daniel Neides, MD, MBA

After earning his medical degree from The Ohio State University, he completed his residency in Family Medicine at Riverside Methodist Hospitals in Columbus, Ohio. After practicing Family Medicine for 15 years, he returned to school and earned an MBA from Washington State University in order to better understand the economics of healthcare.

Dan Neides practiced medicine for 21 years at The Cleveland Clinic, time spent learning about lifestyle and Functional Medicine – focusing on both prevention and disease reversal. He is now delivering the type of healthcare to patients that can ultimately help them achieve a higher quality of life.

His passions in his life – family and his patients (who after 21 years are like family!) – drive him to live at the highest quality of life. By living with intention every day, Dan has developed a medical practice that teaches patients how to prevent or reverse chronic disease.

With a focus on optimal nutrition, exercise, stress management, and sleep hygiene, his fifth lifestyle pillar is the one that gets the most attention from his patients. Living with an open heart – simply giving and receiving love – allows the human spirit to let go of the baggage that may hold people back from reaching their highest potential. Dan hopes that by being a patient at Inspire Wellness, you too will be inspired to find the passion that can drive you to inspire others. It is that “pay it forward” mentality that will help all of us achieve a higher quality of life resulting in significantly less chronic disease.

With gratitude, he is thankful for the continued support from his three children – Melissa, David, and Adam – along with his parents, siblings, and teachers.

BS and MD – The Ohio State University

MBA – Washington State University

Board Certified in Family Medicine

Autism Mastery Course Certificate of Completion

Prior Vice Chair/Chief Operating Officer Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute

Certified to Recommend Medical Cannabis

Jessica Hutchins, MD

She grew up in Cleveland, received her MD from CWRU and trained as an OBGYN at University Hospitals. Her trajectory was forever changed when her oldest son, Josh, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in 2004 at the age of three.

Demanding to uncover the answers to the cause and treatment of ASD, Jessica began her educational journey in the field of Functional Medicine. This area of medicine focuses on reversing chronic disease by understanding the complexity of the body at an energetic and cellular level.

Through those efforts, Josh recovered no longer has an ASD diagnosis. Although Josh was the catalyst for this passion of disease reversal, she also draws much inspiration from her other children Emily, Michael, Tori, and Gabe to make their world a safer place.

Jessica Hutchins moved back to Cleveland in 2015 from Northern California where for the first time she was able to practice functional medicine 100% of the time (of course missing those middle of the night deliveries)! In 2016, she became an Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, and is one of a handful of doctors in the world who are both board certified in OBGYN and certified in Functional Medicine.

Jessica enjoys working with children, especially those who have been diagnosed with ASD, Attention Deficit Disorder, and mood disorders. She also likes to work with patients suffering from thyroid disease and autoimmune diseases like inflammatory arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis) and inflammatory bowel disease. If you are suffering from “feel like crap” syndrome, then Jessica is just the doctor for you.

BS – Denison University

MD – Case Western Reserve University

Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner

Board Certified in OB/GYN

Autism Mastery Course Certificate of Completion

Certified to Recommend Medical Cannabis